Our team: qualified, efficient, reliable

Alpha Industrial is made up of a dedicated team that can look back over a history of significant successes and experience since its foundation in 2007.

Our employees come from very different backgrounds such as civil engineering, architecture, the real estate sector, law and asset management, and contribute their professional expertise to the team effort. Their work is interdisciplinary, they are highly qualified, have a service-oriented approach and have an entrepreneurial mentality.

Breaking new ground, finding new solutions and thinking outside the box if needs be, these are what make our team special.

Our team

  • Supports the company as a partner through his more than 20 years of experience in the industrial sector and his extensive network of established contacts to owners, investors, funds and potential clients.
    Together with Richard Croft, he founded the investment and asset management firm of Halverton-Deutschland (now Internos) as a 49% partner, selling his shares at the end of 2006 to set up Alpha Industrial in 2007 along with Jörg Schröder and the financially strong co-investor CarVal, and establish this as a strong brand in property market.

    Manages and controls accounting and controlling.
    Before joining Alpha Industrial, he worked as an accountant and analyst for an international property investor from 2007 to 2014.
    In 2012 he completed his training as an estate agent, property developer and real estate escrow agent

    Has been supporting the team at Alpha Industrial in the field of asset and property management for the Luxembourg companies since 2016.
    She was appointed Management Assistant at Alpha Industrial and Head of Office Management in the Luxembourg office in 2013.

    Is a co-founder and partner of Alpha Industrial and has established a network that covers all important market areas in the life cycle of a property as well as the relevant players from the economy, politics and finances over the past two decades.
    As the Managing Director of the international firm of ProLogis, he steered it to its positions as market leader in Germany from its beginnings in 1999 to 2007.
    He started out in 1992 with one of Germany’s leading construction companies in the field of industrial construction and project development.

    Is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alpha Industrial Holding S.A. and responsible for the Holding’s business matters.
    More than 20 years of professional experience in the field of real estate and loans.
    Before joining Alpha Industrial he had spent 13 years as a Managing Director of the international private equity firm of CarVal Investors in London, where he was responsible for the fields of credit commitments in France and Germany and the property sector in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Before this, he spent 7 years at Arthur Andersen in real estate consultancy and assessment in Germany, Italy and England.

    In charge of finance and accounting as well as laws and taxes for the Alpha Group.
    Has more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of structuring and controlling real estate investments in Germany, Denmark and Sweden for the international private equity firm of CarVal Investors in London and Luxembourg.
    Before this he spent 4 years at KPMG in Düsseldorf in the field of auditing, with a focus on international financial reporting.

    Has been taking care of property and asset management at Alpha Industrial Advisors since 09/2019
    Has more than 10 year of professional experience in the property sector
    Before joining Alpha, he had worked for a service provider for institutional investors and developed as well as managed mixed-use commercial properties from the areas of office, production, service and logistics.

    In charge of accounting and controlling.
    More than 10 years of professional experience in accounting.
    Before joining Alpha Industrial, he spent 6 years as a financial accountant for an international service provider.